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    • A brief review of experimental friction loss studies for polyetylene pipes 

      Taş, Erkin; Ağıralioğlu, Necati; Danandeh Mehr, Ali; Tür, Rıfat (12th International Scientific Conference on Production Engineering Development and Modernization of Production, 2019)
      Plastic pipes, especialiy polyethylene pipes have grown to become one of the freguently utilized material in pipeline systems owing to its advantages of corrosion, biological and chemical resistance over traditional metal ...
    • Cyprus water supply project: features and outcomes 

      Ağıralioğlu, Necati; Danandeh Mehr, Ali; Akdeğirmen, Özgün; Taş, Erkin (13th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering, 2018)
      Cyprus Island has very limited water resources. Recently, this problem has rather been resolved by transferring water from Turkey to the island known as Cyprus Water Supply Project (CWSP). The CWSP is comprised of three ...
    • Principals of planning and realization of greater melen water supply project, Turkey 

      Ağıralioğlu, Necati; Danandeh Mehr, Ali (4th International conference on Civil and environmental Geology and Mining Engineering, 2019)
      The Greater Melen water supply Project (GMP) is a large-scale interbasin freshwater transfer project that provides domestic and industrial water requirements of Istanbul. Its foster resource is Melen River, lying in D zce ...