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dc.contributor.authorÖzdoğan, Hasan
dc.contributor.authorÜncü, Yiğit Ali
dc.contributor.authorŞekerci, Mert
dc.contributor.authorKaplan, Abdullah
dc.identifier.citationÖzdoğan, H., Üncü, Y. A., Şekerci, M. & Kaplan, A. (2023). Calculation of double differential neutron cross-sections of 56Fe and 90Zr isotopes, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 199.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study is concerned with the calculations of double differential neutron cross-sections of the structural fusion materials of 56Fe and 90Zr isotopes that are bombarded with protons. Calculations were performed using the level density models of the TALYS 1.95 code and PHITS 3.22 Monte Carlo code. Constant Temperature Fermi Gas, Back Shifted Fermi Gas, and Generalized Super Fluid Models were employed for level density models. Calculations were performed at 22.2 MeV proton energies. Calculations were compared with the experimental data taken from Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR). In conclusion, the results showed that the level density model results of TALYS 1.95 codes for the double differential neutron cross-sections of 56Fe and 90Zr isotopes are consistent with experimental data. On the other hand, PHITS 3.22 results gave lower cross-section values than experimental data at 120 and 150°.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipNo sponsoren_US
dc.publisherApplied Radiation and Isotopesen_US
dc.subjectDouble differential cross-sectionsen_US
dc.subjectÇift diferansiyel kesitlertr_TR
dc.subjectStructural fusion materialsen_US
dc.subjectYapısal füzyon malzemeleritr_TR
dc.subjectPHITS 3.22en_US
dc.subjectTALYS 1.95en_US
dc.titleCalculation of double differential neutron cross-sections of 56Fe and 90Zr isotopesen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryInternational publicationen_US
dc.contributor.orcid0000-0001-6127-9680 [Özdoğan, Hasan]
dc.contributor.abuauthorÖzdoğan, Hasan
dc.contributor.yokid116763 [Özdoğan, Hasan]
dc.contributor.ScopusAuthorID55123312600 [Özdoğan, Hasan]

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