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    • Emotional ANN (EANN): a new generation of neural networks for hydrological modeling in IoT 

      Nourani, Vahid; Molajou, Amir; Najafi, Hessam; Danandeh Mehr, Ali (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2019)
      Emotional artificial neural network (EANN) is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence method that has been used by researchers in the engineering and medical sciences over the recent years. First introduced in the 1999s, ...
    • Energy demand forecasting using deep learning 

      Hrnjica, Bahrudin; Danandeh Mehr, Ali (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2019)
      Our cities face non-stop growth in population and infrastructures and require more energy every day. Energy management is the key success for the smart cities concept since electricity is one of the essential resources ...