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    • A comparison of classrooms’ layout based on the requirements of preschool literacy 

      Izadpanah, Shirin; Günçe, Kağan (ICONARP, 2019)
      Classroom design has claimed to be an important factor in supporting the pre-schoolers’ literacy development. While many studies had focused on improving the overall environment of the classrooms, few studies are established ...
    • Okul öncesi eğitimi için etkili mekan tasarımı 

      Izadpanah, Shirin; Günçe, Kağan; Şekerci, Yaren (Pegem Yayınevi, 2019)
      Today kindergartens are more than ever concerned about the integrating the requirements for children’ effective learning in designing the layout. Researches claim that preschoolers are in a constant learning and their ...