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    • Antik dönemde eğitim ve okul yapıları üzerine 

      Koçak, Mustafa; Erkoç, Serap (Pegem Yayinevi, 2019)
      The education and instruction of children and young people has been an important topic that families, various communities, and societies have been closely involved in throughout the history. One of the most important places ...
    • Mimarlık ve sembolizm ilişkisi: Türk eğitim yapılarında sembolizm 

      Sağsöz, Ayşe; Kahraman, Mehmet Uğur; Şekerci, Yaren (Pegem Yayınevi, 2019)
      Education, the biggest investment that can be done for the future of a nation, is the most fundamental element with its philosophy, strategy, past and future. Besides, education buildings are architecturally expected to ...
    • Okul öncesi eğitimi için etkili mekan tasarımı 

      Izadpanah, Shirin; Günçe, Kağan; Şekerci, Yaren (Pegem Yayınevi, 2019)
      Today kindergartens are more than ever concerned about the integrating the requirements for children’ effective learning in designing the layout. Researches claim that preschoolers are in a constant learning and their ...